This is where we stand out from others, being not an “assembly line” production unit, our emphasis is on fully customizing the equipment to customer’s needs. So, while each one of our equipment will bear features that meet customer’s specific requirement, we keep designing and developing altogether new equipment and systems, components as well.

A few of them listed below.


These are meant for dosing various chemicals, like poly-electrolytes, stabilizers, enzymes, acids etc., in different chemical process industries at precise flow rates. Dosing can be done into pressurized or non-pressurized vessels and design will be done accordingly.

hese dosing skids normally consist of dosing pumps, flow meters, level switches, flow transmitters, pressure switch / transmitters, back pressure valves, safety relief vales panels etc.

Typical dosing units are phosphoric acid and caustic dosing skids in vegetable refineries.


These Drum cleaning / Can cleaning machines are extensively used in Paint / Pigment industries. Drums that need to be cleaned are normally of 200 Ltrs and cans can be in 1 Ltrs / 4 Ltrs / 10 Ltrs / 20 Ltrs. Drum / Can cleaning is done by solvent / water that will be recycled within the machine for repeated use.

In case of 200 Ltrs drum, single drum is cleaned in a machine at a time whereas in case of cans upto 6 cans are cleaned and dried at a time in a single machine.

The drum / can cleaning machines consist of a hopper with a trap screen, solvent collection tank with suction strainer, a centrifugal pump, a discharge strainer all with connected piping and self rotating tank cleaning nozzles . Entire operation of drum / can cleaning is monitored by a controller which will be equipped with counters as well.


Besides the filtration units we now design, manufacture and supply total filtration plants / skids meeting customer’s requirements.,

Filtration plants / skids consist of combination of filters, pumps, connected piping, instruments, control panels, working platforms etc.,

Some of the typical skids are, Paint Filtration skids, Brine filtration skids, Water filtration skids, Cartridge filtration skids etc.


These grinding mill screens are typically consumables for they get worn out after long use & after continuously taking constant beating from grinding mill beads that are zirconium, glass etc. We do not supply the mills where as grinding mill cartridges of different shapes / sizes / slot opening we manufacture and supply as per original mill supplier’s screens.

Typical mills where supply the screens / cartridges include Ball mill, Perl Mill, Basket mill, Bead mill etc. of reputed makes like, Netzch mill, KD Mill, Dyno mill, Innoue mill and many more.