• Candle Filter (CND)

    Recovery of noble catalysts, like Nickel, Platinum, Palladium etc. Removal of activated carbon, charcoal in pharma plants Bleaching earth removal in Vegetable oil plants Resin filtration

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  • Self Cleaning Filter (SCF)

    Cooling water filtration, Side stream filtration, Condensate water filtration, Effluent water thickening, Mixed juice purification in cane sugar plants, Column bottoms purification, Clarification of all low solids/high flow applications.

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  • Single / Multi Bag Filter (BAG)

    Polishing of vegetable oils, Lubricating oils filtration, Process water Solvents, Clarification of all low solids/high flow applications.

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CLEARSEP TECHNOLOGIES (I) PVT. LTD., is promoted by first generation entrepreneurs now into the second decade of service to Chemical Process Industries worldwide. We have been innovative in our approach all through and the same spirit underlines our enterprise..

Main focus of our business is on Design, Manufacture and supply of both "Clean-in-Place" and "non-Clean-in-Place" type Separation / Filtration Equipments & Systems.


Filtration Equipments, Cartridge Filters, V Wire Screens, Vibratory Screens, Candle Filter, Turbo Edge Filter, Automatic Self Cleaning Filter, Automatic Back Flushing Filter, In Line Basket Filter, Catalyst Recovery, Dsm Screen, Static Screen, Oil Remediation, Viscous Paste Filtration, Carbon Removal Filters.